About Madswimmer

There aren’t many charities that would swim for hours in the Alaskan Pacific with pods of Orcas lurking in the depths. There aren’t many charities putting their lives at risk to benefit others. Madswimmer is a charity involved with daring swimming challenges to raise funds for children.

By risking our lives we are investing everything. If we don’t, how can we expect sponsors to invest? Facing threats might mean we’re mad but we have to be even madder not to care”. Founder Jean Craven.


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2015: The Highest Swim

On 5 December 2015 Madswimmer did the highest swim in the world at 5909m above sea level on Mt Tres Cruces on the border of Chile and Argentina in the Andes. This swim was 700m higher than that of pioneer swimmer Lewis Pugh on Mt Everest, who kept the record for the highest swim since 2010.

The team used pickaxes to cut open a 30 cm layer of ice to prepare a swimming lane in the crater of this volcano after a 1.1 km ice ascent since 4 am that morning. This climb alone took them over 6 hours, after a tough hiking expedition of 8 days in the Andes.


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Our Charities

Madswimmer.com is a registered South African charity that raises funds for various children’s charities by doing daring open water swims. During its existence of seven years swimmers have successfully completed the highest swim ever, six inter-continental crossings and other secondary open water swims in aid of charity.

The list of organisations we help is always growing, but we have detailed our current charities. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these great causes.


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The Highest Swim

Latest Big Challenge – Dec 2015


This clip gives a glimpse of Madswimmer’s latest feat on Mt Tres Cruces in December 2015 when they did the highest swim in the world at 5909 m above sea level. Combining these extreme levels of altitude, cold and mountaineering made this the hardest expedition most team members ever embarked on, but showcased the human spirit – to prove to the world what normal everyday people can do when they put their minds to helping others.

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Who is Madswimmer?

We believe in South Africa: This is our country, our home, and our love.
We believe that there is greatness written in our nation’s DNA, waiting to be unlocked, and that all that people have to do to unleash our potential is get involved.
We need to educate children and make sure they’re fed.
We need to keep them healthy and instil hope for their futures.
We need to take responsibility for where we are and refuse to leave it this way.
So how do we do this? We swim.
We set off one stroke at a time to cross continents so that we can join the funds needed with the things that will make our country great.
Facing freezing waters, crocodiles, sharks and killer whales might mean that we’re mad… but you’d have to be even madder not to care.



With their daring swims Madswimmer raises funds for various children’s charities.

Caring Corporate?

If your company believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is more  than just a nice intention
you can support Madswimmer in various ways. Contact us at contact@madswimmer.com


We applaud our sponsors who helped us to raise in excess of $420 000 US for various children’s charities!

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