About Madswimmer

What started off as a late winter night’s bet in a chalet on French mountain slopes in 2009 celebrated a successful ending six years later.

Since inception Madswimmer has raised in excess of $300 000 for 11 children’s charities. One of the Madswimmers, Hardi Wilkins, commented after a challenging swim, “we did it and it was no small feat! Facing radical weather, training and fund raising, it is all worth it in the end.”


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Past Challenges

There are six possible one-day, open water swims between the World’s continents. Madswimmer completed the 6th and final stage swim between the world’s continents in 2014. Since the completion of this challenge Madswimmer’s focus has now moved to any daring open water swims.

We invite you to read about the highs and lows of all swims, including logistical and environmental challenges. We have also included some great imagery taken during each event.


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Our Charities

Madswimmer.com is a registered South African charity that raises funds for various children’s charities by doing daring open water swims. During its existence of six years swimmers have successfully completed six inter-continental crossings and other secondary open water swims in aid of charity.

The list of organisations we help is always growing, but we have detailed our current charities for you, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these great causes.


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Latest Video

Madswimmer Tanganyika Swim

Swim for Nsumbu is an open water swimming event on Lake Tanganyika created to bring attention to the challenges facing Lake Tanganyika caused by overfishing, climate change, poaching and general environmental degradation.

The November 2014 swim was a collaboration between Madswimmer and CLT (Conservation Lake Tanganyika). The decision was made to attempt the first ever trans Tanganyika open water swim, swimming in one day across lake Tanganyika from Tanzania in the east to Zambia in the west. The focus was to raise awareness and funds for CLTs work in and around Nsumbu National Park.

The total distance covered by swimmers was 38.5 kms. Madswimmer Jean Craven was the only one to complete the entire distance nonstop! The total swimming time was 12 hours. Madswimmer relay swimmers were: Megan Harrington-Johnson, Michiel le Roux, Milton Brest, Gary Isbister, Jessica Comana, Elaine Sinden, Linda Main, Robert Dunford, Shaun Davy, Marcel du Toit and Marius de la Rey.

Last Big Event of the Year


With their successful completion of swimming from the Big Diomede Island (Russia) to the Little Diomede Island (US), Madswimmer had the privilege to set numerous records in aid of disadvantaged children:
1st Ever series of swims across the world connecting 7 continents
1st Ever South Africans/ Africans to swim between the Diomede Islands
3rd Ever swimmers to attempt the full crossing between Asia and North America



With their daring swims Madswimmer raises funds for various children’s charities.

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We have raised in excess of $300, 000 US for various children’s charities! Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters.

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