Michiel le Roux






Michiel is not a great swimmer, but he tries really hard. Last year he surprised himself by crossing the Red Sea. This year he will train even harder, tone down all that kicking, and hopefully smash a full 20km+ in Panama.

Michiel grew up in Stellenbosch and went to school at Paul Roos where he started playing water polo in St.9, when it was first introduced at the school. At university level he represented Melbourne, Maties and Oxford, while he also coached at Paul Roos. Today he plays for OJ Eagles in Joburg.

He studied economics and finance and, following a few forays into diverse careers, now works in African private equity.

Robert Dunford






Rob was born in 1985 and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Swimming runs in the family with his father being an accomplished swimmer and his brothers, Jason and David, having represented Kenya at the Olympic Games. Although Rob only competed at a national stage at age group level, it nevertheless remained as one of the sports, along with rugby and surfing , that he continued to pursue.  After completing a degree in Mathematics and Economics at the LSE, he relocated to Johannesburg. He is currently a Foreign Exchange and Interest rates trader primarily in African markets.

Jean Craven






Born in Que-Que Rhodesia in 1972, Jean grew up on a farm in the Free State and attended Grey College in Bloemfontein. Having both parents who swam well, Jean was exposed to swimming at a young age, whenever it rained in the Free State. Jean also completed his SA navy diver’s course in Simon’s Town, where after he finished his accounting degree at University Stellenbosch. Jean currently is involved in the agricultural sector in Africa and other emerging markets.

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Johann Theron






This will be Johann’s second trip as support kayak operator. Johann is a superior good rower and has good experience in rough sea conditions having sailed yachts in the South African Navy. Johann currently resides in Cape Town South Africa.

Evan Feldman

Evan Feldman was one of the brave 2010 Asia to Europe swimmers. Highly rated Cape Town based Derivative Broker, Evan too is a natural born swimmer.

Linda Main






Linda is a new comer to the Madswimmer team. As an eager natural born swimmer she grew up in Johannesburg and currently works at a renowned Africa agricultural distribution company.

Gerhard Zandberg






Gerhard Zandberg, born 23 April 1983 in Pretoria, South Africa, is an Olympic swimmer from South Africa. He swam for South Africa at the Olympics in 2004 and 2008, The World Championships in 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2011, the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and 2010, the African Games in 2007 and 2011 and the Short Course Worlds in 2008. Basically, he is a good swimmer and the rest of the team are nervous.

Past Team Members

Andrew McLaggan – 2011 Australasia Asia Swim. Entrepreneur.

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Colin Franks – 2010 Asia Europe Swim. Entrepreneur.





Tim Ziehl – 2009 Europe Africa Swim. Top Stellenbosch based architect.






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